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Nominal Roll of Members

This list is limited to those who were on the posted strength of the unit

The information has been extracted from the DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) database. Entries with incomplete details are those where the DVA information was not available.

If anyone has details which are more accurate than these listed, please contact us.


Last updated 19 Feb 2013


The roll is presented in alphabetical order of surname. If you know someone by other than their surname contact Tony who can narrow the list if you know his given name or nickname or trade and the date in country.
The total list of 449 has been broken into a number of parts. Use the following links to access that section of the alphabet that contains your target.

Surnames A to C inclusive

Surnames D to H inclusive

Surnames I to L inclusive

Surnames M to P inclusive

Surnames Q to S inclusive

Surnames T to Z inclusive

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