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The The RAE Association of WA The home page of the very active RAE Association of WA. Membership News, Pictures and Links.

The RAE Heritage Society The home page of the RAE Heritage Society. An extensive site containing links, photos and Sapper News.

The Engineers RSL Sub Branch A Sub Branch of the RSL for all Engineers. It is designed to promote the Engineers Sub Branch and matters appertaining to the Corps of the Royal Australian Engineers and the RSL.

Vietnam Veteran Mortality List
Lists ALL who have died, both during the war and since returning to Australia. There are over 3000 names listed.

The Gunplot
A VERY comprehensive Navy site by the 'Ring Master' of the Aussie Battlers Military Ring. Worth a visit even if you get seasick on the pier !!

3 Troop 1 Field Squadron
A private web page by Gerry Lyall

Vietnam Support and Advocacy Service Australia Inc

Home to the Grey Eight.
Visit Barry Magor's impressive site. Great content and well presented.

Ern Marshall Veterans Site. One of the originals before the WSIWG site builders. Going from strength to strength.

Dave Poulton's Engineer Web Site
Davo's Pages contain a large number of colourful images and some very handy links. Drop in and have a look.

National Servicemen's Association of NSW
A very professional Web Page links to National and other State Web sites.

Call Sign Vampire
1 Aust Fd Hospital Association.

An extensive collection of information about the RAASC and the units that served in Vietnam.

The Defence Media Releases
The Defence Media Releases are issued almost daily, it is also possible to subscribe to a mailing list and have them delivered to your intray.


The Vietnam Veterans Oral History Folklore Project
The Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project is engaged in an ongoing undertaking to collect, preserve and make better known the folklore, especially the folksongs, of Americans in war.

The home of vietnam veterans The ultimate source of Vietnam Veteran information, The massive Web site with links and information on all matters related to Vietnam Veterans. There are also links to Australian, New Zealand and Vietnamese Web sites,

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center.
Veterans are more likely to be affected by mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure that was common in naval ships and shipyards. Find out more about veterans and mesothelioma here.

Research Links to Web Sites
Research Links to Web Sites about the Vietnam War and Vietnam Veterans.

A graphic intensive site by Ruby Alexandra Beloz dedicated to her farther. Home Page: My Dad is a Vet

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