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History of 55 - (1966 - 1967) from the Citation

We don't have a specific document for this period. The following Citation pays tribute to the efforts of the Unit during that time.

Text of Citation to be Mentioned in Despatches Stefan Abrahamffy

Captain Stefan Abrahamffy was commissioned in the Corps of Royal Australian Engineers on the 14th December 1956. He arrived in South Vietnam on the 12th December, 1966 and assumed command of Detachment 55th Advanced Engineer Stores Squadron at Vung Tau. In addition he was required to perform the duties of Staff Officer for Engineer Stores in the Australian Force, Vietnam.

Very great responsibilities at once fell upon Captain Abrahamffy and he was confronted by a flood of apparently insuperable difficulties and insoluble problems. His had the unenviable task quickly to devise a simple working system of classifying, storing and handling huge volumes of material without adequate resources at hand and whilst working under trying and primitive conditions. However, by dint of extraordinary determination and industry, and by leadership, skill and good management, accompanied by personal enthusiasm, Captain Abrahamffy obtained outstanding results from the men of his detachment.

He built and guided a unit which provided a constant, reliable and swift service of Engineer Stores to the whole of the Australian Force. To this record of a dedicated Australian Officer must be added the fact that he fostered and maintained a close and effective liaison with his American counterparts and thereby ensured sympathetic and ready response to requests, however frequent, for items required by the Australian Forces, but in short supply and unavailable except from American sources. Captain Abrahamffy served the Army, his Corps, his fellows and his country extremely well.

Note from Steve "... I would appreciate if you would also publish the background to the MID, ...."

To start with the background to the MID; I wanted to propose 5 of our members for an award when nominations were called. However, since the quota allocated for this period also included the non-immediate Long Tan awards, such a large number of nominations was unacceptable from a small detachment of 33 all ranks and a dog.

Nevertheless, nominations for 3 members were finally accepted on sheer merit after the 'Citations' were compared with those of some other nominations. Seeing that of the 3 only Dasha Cameron received formal recognition for his dedicated and tireless service, I assume that I was given the last available spot, more or less to compensate for having to cut the others.

I certainly look on my MID as a 'unit award' of which everybody in '55' up to that period, including Ross McKenzie and his boys, is entitled to share.

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