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Introduction to the Unit

A detachment of 55 Advanced Engineer Stores Squadron was established in Vietnam to manage the supply and distribution of construction material for the Royal Australian Engineers operating as part of the Australian Forces Vietnam. Elements of the unit arrived as early as 1965 and were there until the final withdrawal of the Australian Force in February 1972. During the intervening period it was renamed to Detachment 55 Engineer Workshop and Park Squadron and late in 1971 the 'detachment' prefix was dropped.

There is no known 'official' history of the unit, but through the 55 Newsletter and the mailing list we have some firsthand stories from some of the Officers Commanding. The unit was disbanded on return to Australia as all responsibility for supply was handed over to the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps. While it lasted the Engineer Stores Service had a pretty impressive record of doing the impossible with few resources and often with under trained personnel.

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