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Formation of the Group
After the Welcome Home Parade in Sydney a few people felt that all members of 55 should have the opportunity to contact one another. The mailing list was the result of that decision but it remained dormant for most of the next 2 years.

Introduction to the Unit
A detachment of 55 Advanced Engineer Stores Squadron was established in Vietnam to manage the supply and distribution of construction material for the Royal Australian Engineers operating as part of the Australian Forces Vietnam.

History of 55 - June 1965 - March 1966
In 1965 some 20 Engineers were posted to 1 Australian Logistic Support Company (1 ALSC). (As told by Wally Marquet)

History of 55 - 1966 - 1967
Text of Citation to be Mentioned in Despatches Stefan Abrahamffy

Eddie Albrecht covers 1967 to 1968
I took over as OC on the 5th December 1967 with an increased unit establishment and walked into a going concern.

History of 55 (1968 to 1969) by Keith Tomkinson
I arrived in Vung Tau in November 1968 to assume command of 55 EWPS from Eddie Albrecht. Mike Steel (replaced by Doug Laver) was the deputy, Les Scott (WO Stores) was the Depot SM, Terry Cox the WO Control and George Townsend (replaced by the 'Old Bastard' Hinson) the WO Workshops.

History of 55 (1969 to 1970) by Jim Powell
I distinctly recall the smile all over Keith Tomkinson's face when he officially 'handed over' the reins of 55 EWPS and then darted off hurriedly to pack his gear

History of 55 1970 -1971 by Tony de Bont
I arrived in Vung Tau around mid October 1970 and was met at the airport by Jim Powell accompanied by 2 or 3 soldiers wearing helmets and flack jackets. I think he was trying to intimidate me.

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